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Meditation: As Simple As A Breath

Meditation is as simple as a breath. I think there’s been a lot of confusion lately about what meditation is. About the right way you have to sit. The right way you have to breathe. The right length of time. The right time of day. The right statues and art. I don’t think any of that is important. Time keeps moving faster. More things get piled into each day. More …Read More

Single During the Holidays?

Single? Not all times of the year are easy to be Single. I think we can all agree this is one of them. I think I have turned into someone who chooses to be single. I use this language because it feels empowering….and I’ve definitely chosen to be single rather than remain in relationships that don’t satisfy my soul. Because of this, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life …Read More

5 Ways to Quit Unconscious Stress

Ugh, Stress. I can be a stress head if I let myself.  Really.  Easily.  So I have a few tricks that are lifesavers for me.  When I reflect back at my day, it is the unconscious stress that really derails me…if it was one of those days. What is unconscious stress?  And how do you quit something you don’t even know is there? Fabulous questions!  Unconscious Stressors are the ones that …Read More

People Pleaser….please….

Well fans, friends, Romans, countrymen….it’s getting hot in here. I’m trying not to overwhelm you with daily STRESS stats…how sometimes I kick the living sheet out if, and sometimes I’m knocked down for the count and only recover in just the nick of time. But today…something new was thrown at me.  My work and rates were thrown into question.  This has actually never happened to me before in a decade …Read More

STRESS is a lot like fleas.

Isn’t it funny how the best laid plans, the most secure rituals, the best ideas are challenged and challenged and challenged some more? Have you ever had fleas in your house?  You can take all your bedding to the laundromat, and vacuum everywhere and shampoo the crap outta your animal….and if even one of those little hellions remain then you get to do the whole ritual again and again. You …Read More