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Meditation: As Simple As A Breath

Meditation is as simple as a breath. I think there’s been a lot of confusion lately about what meditation is. About the right way you have to sit. The right way you have to breathe. The right length of time. The right time of day. The right statues and art. I don’t think any of that is important. Time keeps moving faster. More things get piled into each day. More …Read More

The Power to Quit

The power to quit. I don’t think I have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve tried to quit eating sugar. I would make it through the terrible detox and then maybe a month or two before the inevitable thought that I can  have just one square of dark chocolate.  Which leads me predictably eating the entire bar which leads to me having absolutely no control over how much …Read More

Meditation for the Masses

Meditation for the Masses: It’s the heat and depth of summer and we are so in our bodies right now! We’re being active (or wishing we were more active) and enjoying being hot (mostly enjoying). There is an ease with which we sweat and release everything that’s usually too cold and locked behind layers of clothing the rest of the year! So it’s also a great time to watch our minds and …Read More

Learning Trust.

Kauai. She called and I came. Whittled my belongings down to the nub–a priceless nub–packed them in my car once again–like leaving a place that never felt like home for the West, then leaving another place that never felt like home for a future as yet undetermined. But a place that beats my heart.  A place that makes me cry just experiencing its beauty. I wanted to come across the ocean …Read More

Bloom Your Heart Open!

I just wanted to share a quick heart opening meditation I’ve been working on. It’s a perfect combination with everything blooming all around us right now! Sometimes life gets a little overwhelming and feelings get too big and out of control for my sensitive heart. Sometimes instead of feeling unconditional, love starts to feel like anything but. Maybe it’s because we had a stressful week. Maybe because we have too …Read More

5 Ways to Add Meditation to Your Life

You don’t have to go away to a yogi camp for a month of silence in India to learn to meditate.  You don’t need Lululemon or fancy mala beads.  You don’t need the right sitting cushion or the perfect vista. All you need is your breath.  Stillness.  And the commitment to be present for just a few minutes.  You would be surprised what just a few minutes of presence buys …Read More

Holy Crown Chakra Batman!

I’m not an astrologer, nor do I write about astrology with words like square and strings of planets before or after, but what I am…is VERY sensitive.

So let me tell you….I am feeling this. And by this…I mean this.

Did you read it? I’ll wait.

Ok. First, never dismiss the perfectly timed messages of a yogi tea bag. That’s just silly.

Second….I was doing my morning mantra and the most beautiful meditation washed right over me, filled me, and then expanded me exponentially.

May I share?Read More

Mantra: The Sugar On Top

Mantra is a practice of praying to a deity 108 times in a row.  A round of mala look like a rosary.  Doing a mantra practice means picking a deity and chanting 108 times to them a day for 41 days.  It’s not a religion…if that’s an issue for you.  It’s more like praying to the highest parts of yourself.  I’ll explain that a little more later.   I love …Read More

I love LOVE…don’t you?

And as a lover of love I do as much as I can to foster love everywhere I go. (Except when I’m in the throws of road rage, waiting too long in an unnecessary line, or on hold, or at the bank, or any other thing that activates my not-so-loving-in-this-moment alarm.)  What?  I also believe in full disclosure! The Dalai Lama I am not. But I do spend quite a …Read More