Intuitive Tarot & Remote Healing

There are many decks and many ways to read the cards. My way is just one of those ways. I practice intuitive Tarot which means the cards themselves speak to me. The same card can mean something different for every person I’m reading for.

I learned this gift over twenty years ago. From the first time I picked up my Thoth deck and read the book about what the cards meant…my brain was at a loss. I could see part of what the book was telling but the messages kept changing for me.

It took a lot of experimenting and trust before I allowed myself to say what I was seeing.

It’s the same way I read energy except the cards are my clearest messages sometimes. And they are insistent! If they want to tell me something…then you need to hear it. And they won’t change the message until you get it.

Each reading concludes with an energy clearing and a blessing to allow these new realities to fuse in your DNA.

You have a few readings to choose from.

The most common choice is the Chakra Spread. In this reading, we lay a card for each Chakra (there are 7 main chakras) but also for your left and right-hand Chakras. Then we see where the energy in your body is out of alignment. This reading comes with an energy attunement so we can balance all that your body-mind-soul is asking for.

We can also choose the Celtic Cross, which is the reading I like for events, like Birthdays or New Year or before a major transition for a big picture view. This is also a great reading if you have something in your life that feels Karmic, or like you keep making the same mistake. This spread usually shines a very clear light on how to shift that dynamic.

The Healing Tarot Spread is a sweet spread where we look at what your blocks are and what guidance there is for you moving forward. This can be combined with an energy attunement as well.

If you are looking for a quick 15 minute spread about a particular question we have a 4 card spread to give you the insights you’ve been looking for.

You can also ask me what spreads I’ve been playing with for myself….seasonally I try to mix it up for myself and see how I can stretch the bounds of my creativity 🙂

Chakra Spread with Energy Attunement: $175
Celtic Cross: $150
Healing Tarot Spread: $100 or $150 with Energy Attunement
4 card spread: 15 minutes reading $50

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