Intuitive Mirroring

Sometimes you just want to be with somebody who sees you and can listen so profoundly that you feel in your body that you are heard on every level:  body, mind and soul.

Sometimes you want that person to reflect back to you the answers that unlock your mysteries.  The secrets you keep from yourself that halt your forward progression.

Well that is what we do.

We sit and you tell me your truth.  Then images appear to me, channels show themselves, there are whispers in my ear from your highest soul that speak your next steps to me.

This is not counseling.  This is not coaching.  This is you in communion with the answers you are seeking.

I am rolled up in twenty years of practicing Chinese Medicine and diving deeply into my intuitive and connected nature.  I know herbs both Chinese and Western.  I have worked with people in all phases of their life.  In all nature of awakening.  It is this knowingness with the flow of the creator that I offer to you.

Are you ready?

In addition to Intuitive Mirroring, you may be interested in our other online energy sessions. Click here to learn more about Intuitive Tarot, there are many choices for wherever you are in your life, emotions, health, wellbeing.

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