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Welcome to Elisha’s Family Acupuncture. We are looking forward to working with you.

In Acupuncture we treat conditions based on channel theory, and operate knowing that disease is due to blockages in the body’s energy circulation. These blockages can give rise to pain, dysfunction, and emotional imbalances.

Our treatments are aimed at removing these blockages and promoting a natural, smooth, easy circulation of the energy in your body. Acupuncture, or the insertion of fine wire-like needles into specific places on the body, is one of the major ways we accomplish this. There are many different styles of acupuncture, and Elisha has studied and practices several different methodologies, some of which do not require any needle insertion at all, such as some Japanese style techniques or “pediatric acupuncture” techniques.

Kid’s energy changes so quickly that we usually use more gentle, subtle techniques with them. There are many methods that can be used, such as magnets, ear pellets, non-insertion acupuncture techniques, Tuning Forks, massage techniques taught to parents, etc. We have glycerin-based (sweet) pediatric tinctures for many conditions.


All sessions are an hour in length. The first visit is $100 and follow up sessions are $85. We are in network with many insurance companies including Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, Cigna and many others. Superbills can be issued for reimbursement if we are out of network with your carrier.   I am out of network with Premera and Regence but have all the paperwork you need for reimbursement if your plan approves that.