Month: May 2016

5 Ways to Quit Unconscious Stress

Ugh, Stress. I can be a stress head if I let myself.  Really.  Easily.  So I have a few tricks that are lifesavers for me.  When I reflect back at my day, it is the unconscious stress that really derails me…if it was one of those days. What is unconscious stress?  And how do you quit …

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DIY Almond Milk! Simply Amazing.

Did you ever look at the label on your Almond Milk?  It has carrageenan in it.  Do you know what that is? Yes…it is derived from seaweed…my new friend…supreme Iodine source….but once you DERIVE something, you change it…and this change is not one of those we look forward to. Carrageenan is used as an emulsifier…a …

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