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November 2015

Emotions and Health

There are so many different directions I could take this blog post.  I could tell stories, I could site actual physiological evidence, but I think I’m going to stray out on a limb and actually talk about Chinese Medicine for a change! One of my favorite uses of Chinese Medicine is for identifying blocks in the channels that are exacerbating or even creating emotional disquiet.  For instance, many times we …Read More

Top 5 Reasons you NEED water

First off, Drink when you’re thirsty. Let that be your rule of thumb.  Drink when you’re thirsty. Sounds easy enough, right?  I suggest water because to me it’s King, but that includes Juice and coffee and tea and other beverages, as long as they are liquid. If you stay under 3-5 cups of coffee and caffeinated tea a day, drinking coffee and tea are actually hydrating!  It’s mostly water after all. …Read More

Top 3 Essential Oils for Cold Season

It may seem strange that a nice smelling little oil can pack such a big punch…but you would be amazed at how fabulously they not only protect you, but also help make colds and flus pass through you much more quickly and with greater ease. Top 3 to have around during Cold and Flu Season? Eucalyptus          Ravensare          Frankincense Truthfully, it’s hard to …Read More

Redefining Single:The Love Generator

So many of us live our lives like they are consolation prizes. Like they are placeholders for the real thing. And that seems to be getting more and more obvious to me the more people I meet and treat. And so I wanted to do some deep exploration into myself to see if I am doing the same thing. For instance, I have spent the majority of my life,single. I …Read More