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September 2015

Full Moon: Grab it and Make it Yours!

I know you can feel the absolute pull to dig into yourself and pull out the best and brightest parts of you, right?  I mean it’s like there’s this inner knowingness that maybe has been stifled for a long time, or maybe has never participated in your life yet.  So this fire…this need to do things differently feels strange or maybe like an old friend you wondered where they buggered …Read More

The Faces of Mercury in Retrograde

Re-think.  Re-Imagine.  Re-learn.  Re-do.  Re-explain.  Re-member. I know what you’ve heard and probably experienced when it comes to Mercury in retrograde.  And I’ve been there and done that as well.  But lately, I’ve changed my mind about the world around me, and with it my thoughts on this tri-yearly phenomena. Yes, the hype is true, three times a year Mercury, the planet of communication and our nearest neighbor in the …Read More

Learning Trust.

Kauai. She called and I came. Whittled my belongings down to the nub–a priceless nub–packed them in my car once again–like leaving a place that never felt like home for the West, then leaving another place that never felt like home for a future as yet undetermined. But a place that beats my heart.  A place that makes me cry just experiencing its beauty. I wanted to come across the ocean …Read More

10 Days of Reflection

First off, Shana Tova!  (That is a wish for a prosperous Year!) Today is the Jewish New Year and the beginning of my favorite rituals of the year.  For the next ten days we (and you if you wish) can focus on releasing old patterns, mistakes, wrong actions, and mis-steps from the past year.  We (and you can) place a spotlight of focus on our inner selves looking at what …Read More