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July 2015

Video Blog for 8-2015

I know it’s a day early but the Blue Moon in Aquarius, and Venus traveling retrograde and it’s almost August 1 which means we transition into a new lesson….I just had to post! To schedule your own personal Life Purpose Numerology Reading click here!

3 Best Reasons to get Angry!

I’ve been going through some stuff.  Some deep, core, powerful, life changing grief stuff.  I wish I could say I was at the bottom of it…but I have a feeling that I’m not that lucky just yet. What it’s about isn’t important…but what is important are remembering those stages of grief we have all heard about. Now, I find my order is slightly different from the one that is socially …Read More

Stepping Into Balance Rewrites Karma!

Life Purpose Numerology for the week on July 29, 2015 Step Into Balance and Rewrite your Karma! I always love the beginning of the month, a new lesson emerges and with it, a new set of challenges and more importantly opportunity for success!  And boy…this is a month where can get some real work done! We finish off this month of the chariot, of stillness within the motion by coming …Read More

Check in with your heart and GO!

Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the week of July 22, 2015 This week kicks off with a bang!  You have been waiting for action…and it has arrived.  The energy of the soul is balanced and thoughtful, awaiting instructions for brilliance.  Rest in the expansive energy of the universe and play big with your trusting heart!  The time for action has arrived.  What have you learned?  How can you use that …Read More

Bloom Your Heart Open!

I just wanted to share a quick heart opening meditation I’ve been working on. It’s a perfect combination with everything blooming all around us right now! Sometimes life gets a little overwhelming and feelings get too big and out of control for my sensitive heart. Sometimes instead of feeling unconditional, love starts to feel like anything but. Maybe it’s because we had a stressful week. Maybe because we have too …Read More

Come In and then PLAY!

Come inside now so you can really Play later! This is a week you will not forget, me thinks!  Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday for the week of July 7, 2015. We start today in a pattern befitting a warrior.  A soul big and large, ready to take charge and do.  It’s being pulled on by the lesson of this month of course, that stillness before the motion…asking you to hit …Read More

Letting Go Into the Stillness…

Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the Week of July 1, 2015 Letting Go into the Stillness…. Big full moon today!  It’s already different, but you know that.  We have moved into a new lesson, a lesson that will rock many of us to our core.  This months theme rests on finding that stillness before the motion. It’s about letting go of what no longer serves us.  It’s about our Aura, …Read More