Month: June 2015

Don’t forget the stillness!

Lavender flower

Welcome the Wisdom Wednesday Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the week of June 25, 2015. Wow! That was some Solstice, huh? Seated amidst this lesson of our Arc Line, the energy that surrounds us like a protective shield… we begin this week fully planted in the middle, in the quiet, in the stillness that’s within …

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Heart Trumps All this Week!

The lessons for the Month of June ask you to look clearly and deeply at your personal integrity. And here we are at the end. Not only the end of the month, but a new Moon and the summer Solstice to boot. All eyes are on you now. And by all eyes, I mean yours! How do you measure up? How well have you answered the call to do the right thing physically, emotionally and spiritually?

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5 Ways to Add Meditation to Your Life

You don’t have to go away to a yogi camp for a month of silence in India to learn to meditate.  You don’t need Lululemon or fancy mala beads.  You don’t need the right sitting cushion or the perfect vista. All you need is your breath.  Stillness.  And the commitment to be present for just …

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A Testimonial Worth Sharing

I have never turned a testimonial into a blog post until right meow. I read this and never felt more special and sacred and profound and worthy and seen and fully appreciated… ever.  And so…please allow me to share and gush.  I think Lisa took ten years writing this…so this is not only a long time …

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