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May 2015

5 Tricks to Unblock your Creativity

As many of you know, creativity is my main course of the day.  Weather it’s inspiration energetically in my work…or creating a new galaxy in my writings….and I am constantly challenged to remain an open channel for receiving guidance.  Primarily because I am stubborn, and also largely because we are raised in a culture devoid of connection with the “unseen” realms. I call phooey on that…and with that level of …Read More

Top 3 Essential Oils you need in your First Aid Kit

As you know, before I begin my list it is my duty to remind you that all Essential Oil companies are not created equally.  When looking at companies it’s important to understand their motivations for being a company and how they respond to their commitments to the Earth.  As always my recommendation to you is to support Floracopeia.  I have used them with the most amazing results for years and …Read More