Month: March 2015

Holy Crown Chakra Batman!

I'm not an astrologer, nor do I write about astrology with words like square and strings of planets before or after, but what I VERY sensitive.

So let me tell you....I am feeling this. And by this...I mean this.

Did you read it? I'll wait.

Ok. First, never dismiss the perfectly timed messages of a yogi tea bag. That's just silly.

Second....I was doing my morning mantra and the most beautiful meditation washed right over me, filled me, and then expanded me exponentially.

May I share?

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It’s real good. Let’s remote view some stuff.

So.  I am in LOVE with doing distance work.  Or remote work.  Turns out they mean the same thing but to different people.  Look how much I’m learning these days! I have been touching people professionally (I could have written that with so much less innuendo, but…wheres the fun in that?)  for over a decade now …

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