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February 2015

How do you walk with the Divine?

I should begin by saying that EVERYONE is capable of connecting in with the divine…in whatever capacity you want. Why would you want to?  This is a blog post and not a novel, so let’s keep it short and sweet and say, “Because.” (Pretend that’s  good enough answer for you and read on please…it will make sense.) Don’t believe me? I used to be you.  (And I am still the hardest …Read More

Distance Healings…Answering the Call!

  I know…I miss you too.  Remember that time we had that session and the clarity of the issue came front and center…and you couldn’t believe that was part of my work? I do. And I keep remembering it every time I get a sweet email telling me you miss my treatments and asking when I will be back in Seattle. So I thought….That first bit…I can do that from everywhere. …Read More

Jealousy. It’s all the rage.

Hi. How’s it going? I’m stalling because I want to admit something that’s hard to admit. How’s the weather where you are? Fine. Out with it Weinberg. I experience, from time to time, Jealousy. Wow.  That wasn’t so hard to write actually. I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling.  And the reason I’m blogging about this today is that I had a HUGE Ah-Ha about it that just might …Read More

Is it me?

I know my parents used to always say that time goes faster the older you get…but holy hell…time gets screaming fast the older you get! I just had a birthday.  An amazing day of friends and family and love and abundance and fish tacos to rival any other out there. We danced on the beach with Lila of Beach Dance Maui with a pod of whales which stationed themselves right …Read More