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August 2014

Is Resistance Futile?

I hear that all the time.  I also keep hearing that I need to let go of resistance. Do you? I guess that’s a part of me that is still relatively subconscious.  One of those parts I planned on looking at later.  Well, it seems that later has just knocked on the door and brought a huge car full of suitcases…and it wants me to be the bell boy and …Read More


It’s funny all the ways we were told to ask for Permission when we were growing up.  Please and Thank You were drilled into most of our heads.  Even in school we so strangely had to ask for permission to use the bathroom… And so, at 40+ I just became aware of a new permission I must ask for…and it’s one that is my favorite so far…and one that I …Read More

“The purpose of life…”

“…is to enjoy every moment.” I just found out that Robin Williams is dead and most likely committed suicide. And this is the quote on my Yogi Tea bag…which I looked down and read moments after reading the sad news. And I paused.  I remember more than anything the joy that oozed from Robin…it was infectious and real.  And I recognized in him what I recognize in myself, what I …Read More

Learning Aloha from the Inside Out

Vacation Maui and Living on Maui are two very different hosts. Vacation Maui shows you her blossoms and tropics and waters and decadence.  She blows the sweet scent of Jasmine in your face and tans your skin.  She offers you trinkets like coconuts with a straw in it so you can taste their water in a whole new way. But picking up and Living on Maui, well…it’s like belonging on …Read More