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June 2014

The Year of the Horse…nearing the center…let’s recap!

I hope you had as beautiful a day yesterday, summer solstice, as I did.  I hope there was ritual and friends and food and fire and intention.  I hope you took in that full yang energy….because I have a feeling this going to be some second half of the year! Let’s recap for a moment the energy of the Horse year….while the sun is still high and bright and strong …Read More

Life is a lot like knowing the sun will be out tomorrow on Maui

I have been a Pacific Northwesterner for about 20 years.  In that time I could easily have passed as a vampire…and when the sunbreaks would come out for a moment I would run out to them as if they were the only Vitamin D for another month (or more.)  Sun became this fable.  This dream.  This wait…wait….wait….oh, no, rain again. So I’ve been on Maui for 3 weeks now.  I’m …Read More

Summer Solstice Rituals

It’s almost here in the Northern Hemisphere….that beautiful energy of summer, the longest day of the year…pure Yang.  In Chinese Medicine summer is the time that belongs to the heart!  I don’t know about you…but I’m ready! There are so many different ways I have celebrated this miraculous day of the year so I thought I would share some of my favorite ways… First a little primer for those unused …Read More


I can feel it all around me now. There is a calm.  It’s palpable.  It has heat yet it’s cool.  Refreshing. I feel like an outsider to this calm. So long my world has been in chaos of one form or another…and this…ease…feels like something foreign.  Like I’m looking from the outside in. It’s hard to keep the stories going.  It’s hard to stay in an old reality when the …Read More