Month: February 2014

Do You Still Need Health Insurance?

This is a practical post.  Sorry. If you, like me, tried to get health insurance through the website with the rest of the United States and got bumped and then couldn’t select the plan you wanted…then I have news for you. Did you know that money is built INTO those plans for an agent fee?  …

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The Art of Detox

Hi.  I can tell you right now you are super glad you didn’t have an appointment with me for the past four days. Let me back up.  I decided that I had become a slave to sugar and wheat and dairy.  Literally a slave.  They were in my thoughts constantly and I was eating them …

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Movement = Life

Hi. It’s been a long time.  I have been swimming with the whales and wiggling my toes in sand and drinking cold drinks and watching the sun set over crystal blue waters.  And I just couldn’t make myself get on a computer.  Can you blame me? Well, I was upstairs this morning listening to some …

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