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January 2014

What’s Next? Let’s go just a little deeper….

What’s next? I could try to make it up…let me have a go.  I’ll rip some of the pages from my book to do it.  Your wildest dreams are all about to come true, your problems are all about to be solved, your relationships will all heal, you will find that “one” you are looking for…the real “one” this time…you’ll remodel the kitchen or maybe it was the bathroom…really take …Read More

Suffering. Are we done yet?

What’s your flavor?  Mine is fear.  Mine is pain.  Mine is random bouts of hopelessness that eventually turn into fits of uncontrollable laughter at the insanity of it all. What’s your flavor?  Is it judgement?  Is it addiction?  Is it self loathing?  Is it different every day? Mine sometimes skips around before choosing just one. Even my physical pain seems to mosey…here for a day, there for a day, oh…yeah…i’ll …Read More

Relax your Tongue: Relax your Life! Lose the pain!

A patient walks in the other day and tells me about a meditaiton he just did where he relaxed his tongue.  Naturally, as he’s talking I check in with mine…as I’m sure you are doing with yours right now. What did I find? A giant freaking stress ball! That’s what I found. It was tight, and slightly raised towards the roof of my mouth.  I was sort of sucking in …Read More