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December 2013


How can we escape it?  How can we not notice.  I know it comes up for half of us just because of this day, this one day a year whose meaning has been lost so many times if someone were to do a blind taste test…I’m sure they would choose the cheap generic version, and not the perfectly aged absolutely beautiful version. You know what I mean right?  INTRO-spection? Is …Read More

Mantra: The Sugar On Top

Mantra is a practice of praying to a deity 108 times in a row.  A round of mala look like a rosary.  Doing a mantra practice means picking a deity and chanting 108 times to them a day for 41 days.  It’s not a religion…if that’s an issue for you.  It’s more like praying to the highest parts of yourself.  I’ll explain that a little more later.   I love …Read More

Lessons from a trying to be reformed Perfectionist

My mom  says I’ve been like this my whole life. Somewhere inside me, if I don’t get it perfectly right the first time…it’s (and more importantly I’m) not good enough. And I don’t know about you, but I rarely get anything even remotely right the first time. It has taken a lifetime to shift this internally.  It has taken a lifetime to learn to be nicer to myself.  To have …Read More

I LOVE Flower Essences…and so will you!

What would you do differently if your heart and mind were a unified front? Think about it. That diet you keep trying to uphold?  That exercise program you want to stay on?  That person you want to stay away from?  That work you keep procrastinating about? It’s hard.  When the mind thinks one way and heart another.  Fighting against your own thoughts and needs is the worst kind of uphill …Read More