Month: July 2013

Oil Pulling for an Amazing Mouth!

Good?  Great! Not so good?  I may have just saved you a bundle of future Dental bills. I just found out from a patient about this amazing Ayurvedic technique for keeping your teeth and gums in tip top shape.  It’s called Oil Pulling. You can read about it there or you can let me sum …

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I love LOVE…don’t you?

And as a lover of love I do as much as I can to foster love everywhere I go. (Except when I’m in the throws of road rage, waiting too long in an unnecessary line, or on hold, or at the bank, or any other thing that activates my not-so-loving-in-this-moment alarm.)  What?  I also believe …

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Summer Treatments: Explore your Heart Fire in Balance with your Stillness

Man I love giving seasonal treatments!  Truth be told, Fall is my favorite season…but there is something so joyful about summer. Spring is definitely infused with an unburdening joy…that first deep breath of possibility…of lengthening light. And diving into the deep for processing in winter surely holds it’s work and mystery. But summer light is …

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