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May 2013

What’s in a Memory?

First, let me clear my mind of Barbara Streisand and stop wishing that I had Spock (at 1:05) here to do a mind meld for you so that you could actually visualize what I’m about to explain. I woke up this morning and had this flood of images laced with understanding about Memory. (Out of my HEAD Barbara…always the sound track!) I’ll start slowly and see if I can get this down …Read More

The Bliss in Grieving

There is a certain Bliss in grieving.  As the eruption of sadness crystallizes into a thought of clarity.  A message to push you forward.  There is a certain joy underneath the mass of tissues and stiff itchy face from drying tears. A joy in unearthing. I find that with Spring there is this joy from the sunshine and budding beauties everywhere, but there is also the culmination of sleep and …Read More

A parable about the shiftiness of moods….stress versus joy

Let’s say there is this thing that’s weighing this girl down.  I mean it’s heaviness seeps through every ounce of her being.  Let’s say that this “thing” let’s call it booboo…permeates her thoughts and breath and sleep and eventually the stress of booboo starts to get into her cells and muscles and fibers and even her smile is weighed down with it’s disruptive nature. And she goes about her life, …Read More

Flip the switch from Inaction to ACTION!

How? I’ll tell you my story and maybe it’ll fire you into your story. I was a runner.  I loved it.  I let it define me.  Why?  Because I had never really been active in my life, and at 38–found myself craving it.  Being active I mean.  More then walking greenlake, I wanted to run it.  And then I wanted to run further and further and further. And when I …Read More

For everyone for Mother’s Day!

You may not know that I used to have rosacea.  It was obnoxious.  And any time I put anything on my face it burned.  Bad. And then about 10 years ago or so I was introduced to OHA and Spirit of Beauty.  It’s made in Bellevue by the lovely Martha Buldain, and it’s organic and yummy and paraben free and uses the BEST essential oils out there. Anyway, I still …Read More