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April 2013

Wilted Kale, Tuna and Rice Noodle Salad for Spring

And a host of other goodies.  I haven’t shared a recipe in some time and just made this and thought of you all… And I was wondering if you were wishing you had a perfect Spring salad to throw together and nosh away at. I’m still chewing my last bite as I begin this post.  And I LOVED it. I think you can kinda just use what you have in …Read More

I’m a Relaxation Specialist

Did you know that I am a Relaxation Specialist? Did you know that I help you relax into your deepest state of bliss and from there ask your body what it needs to be whole? What it needs to thrive? And from there…don’t you know…anything is possible. Did you know that I see energy?  I see it everywhere but when you are on my table I see it in you.  …Read More

Part of the Fabric of Everything

I was having tea with a friend yesterday and suggested that she write a free write about what it would feel like to be part of the fabric of everything.  She looked at me and said, I think you should. Then we had a stare down. But I thought about it all day. Her immediate reaction was to say it would be just as she is now.  But I wish …Read More

What IS a soulmate?

That is a f@4k of a lot of expectation to put on someone, that’s what it is. And it seems we are all looking for ours now. And the last time I checked there was really NO way to know for certain if this person was sent here by the spirits above to be your one and only mate for all of time. And yet that’s what we keep waiting …Read More

What does it mean? Finding Beauty in Tragedy.

I had my lovers stint with running for a few years until injury took me over.  Here is what I know in my heart of hearts about it. It can inspire pure joy. I could never run as a kid.  I grew too fast and was uncoordinated and awkward until my late 30’s.  Seriously. But after a battle with pneumonia my Naturapath suggested I take it up to heal my …Read More

What’s in a Word: Relaxation

I talk a lot.  Sometimes I’m funny.  Sometimes I bore myself.  Sometimes these amazing insights full of energy and purpose and connection that even surprise me just pop right out…and I’m like “Damn…where did that come from?” But they are just words.  Like if I say blue…you see blue…but which blue?  Right?  And even if I say sky blue….unless we are deciding that Crayola had the market on what sky …Read More

The Art of Receiving

We are always talking about how important it is to give.  Donate to this.  Charity work that.  But there is a population of us out there…and yes, I include myself in this group…who have no problem giving…the trick lies in receiving. It seems hard to imagine for some of you I bet.  Receiving comes as naturally as breathing.  But for some of us there is this block that comes up.  …Read More

Relax your way to Enlightenment

Do you know that Buddhist temples have stairways up to them?  And these stairways are created to kind of mimic your path of evolvement spiritually?  They start shallow and easy to climb and as you progress towards the temple they get deeper and shallower and much more difficult, in that you have to really be purposeful in your steps. This is brilliant. I want a Buddhist temple…and I want it …Read More