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March 2013

When to push…and when to Breathe

This morning I woke up and went to open the blinds to the front yard and who was there but 4 fawn and a mommy deer.  So I watched them eat their fill of Holly…made a mental note not to plant edibles in the front yard…and waited until three of them hopped over the fence and one sweet little baby scooted underneath. And then…when they had sauntered down the street …Read More

Silence is sometimes Louder then anything!

I had one of those meditative Ah-ha’s today.  And I’m surprised it took me this long to connect the dots but I’ve been blown away all morning. Let me back up.  Good day to you. Every morning I sit in meditation.  I’m not a person who enjoys quieting their mind…as those of you who know me might have gathered…but I do love to sing mantra. I also love my sound …Read More

New Beginnings and the Beauty in Letting Go

Hello friends.  I sit here at my familiar desk looking out the window to lush grass and cedar trees and the blissful sound of (almost) silence…pesky keypad… The sun is filtering through the trees at some points and landing squarely across my desk at others. And in this moment I feel a peace that’s been missing in my soul for many years. Almost exactly midway through my 23rd year I …Read More

A blog about nothing

If Seinfeld could write years of sit-com’s about nothing, surely I can figure out one simple blog post. I think there is something in the air. Mercury is retrograde and all these planets are lining up for totally amazing things sometime Friday or Saturday…and so I can feel all this potential. All this movement in the form of subtle energy…but I can’t seem to figure out how to tap into …Read More