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January 2013

The Fear Switch. How to Remove Unnecessary Fear from your Mind!

I was walking around the lake today and I usually wear earphones and listen to Ira Glass or some Hindi Chanting…but today I wanted to hear the snow falling from the sky. I love the sound of raindrops hitting my jacket. But what I noticed even more then the sounds of nature I was craving, were the tidbits of conversation as walkers passed me by–talking to their friends or into …Read More

Why New Year’s Resolutions are Different this Year!

We do it every year, even the years we tell others we aren’t doing it. We always have something we want to change in ourselves and a New Year is the perfect time for a clean slate. We can measure our progress because we know exactly when January 1 was. We know how much we weighed then, or how much of our book is complete, or how much spiritual “enlightenment” …Read More