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November 2012

Carbs are Like Life

About 3 weeks ago I decided I would cut carbs on every day but Sunday (I’m human.) I have no food allergies (thankfully). I’m not grossly overweight. I just like to challenge myself–and here come the holidays marching two by two and with them cookies and little pastries and cakes and more sugar and frankly, my mouth is watering just typing these things…but when I check in…you know…on the inside, …Read More

Truly Present

I am not. Though I try…my mind wanders. A lot. Does this make me a bad person? Certainly not. Luckily it makes me part of this beautiful Human race, and it’s nice to remember that on a daily basis (That’s almost present moment…I’m getting warmer). There has been so much talk about the present moment for the past ten years. It get’s louder, then fades into the distance, then starts …Read More