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September 2012

The Art and Science of Business

I have learned SO many things during my time running my own business.  I have made far more mistakes then were needed, that is for sure.  But I also did one thing right that perhaps made all the mountains of mistakes I made just that, mistakes…and not un-doable ruptures in time and space. The one thing it turns out that I have never failed to do, is care. You would …Read More

“Acupuncture, I’d like to try that…”

Yes.  You are right.  You sure would. How many times have you said that?  Has your friend said it? How can I convince you to make that call?  To take that step from thinking about it, to doing it? And why is this important? I believe in Acupuncture.  I believe in its healing properties.  I believe in it’s ability to change your life situation.  I believe that it will help …Read More

Check out the new Video Posts

I tried to explain in more details what exactly goes on when you come in for a treatment.  There are many many aspects  to a treatment….from the energy work, to the essential oils, to the tuning forks, to the cranial sacral to the…list goes on and on…but I thought I would post about a few of the bigger modalities so you can hear from directly from the horse’s mouth. Watch …Read More

Why Choose Me?

So why choose me?  First, do you want to feel better?  Has someone told you you’re a hypochondriac because of THEIR frustration at not being able to help you feel better?  Have you been getting acupuncture or other therapies for years and feel better for a week or two then it comes back?  Do you feel stuck in life and know there is another way but can’t access it?  Do …Read More