Month: August 2012

Get out of your Depression!

We have all been there!  That space that tries to pull you under, that blankets you in darkness, that refuses to allow you to feel the joy that is all around you. Sometimes, all you need is a simple ritual that pulls you out of that base state and elevates your heart and opens you …

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Begining Meditation for very ACTIVE minds….

Have hamster brain?  Always turned off of meditation because you can’t seem to stop your thoughts from coming in?  Learn a way to use that energy to your benefit to create a wheel of energy around your body instead of just in your mind.  Curious?  Only takes 5 minutes to watch! Beginning Meditation for Active …

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Acupuncture and Energy Medicine

I feel called to write this post because there seems to be some thought that these two systems of work are different.  And I thought, Elisha, you should tell all your beautiful readers that story…you know…the one about Acupuncture. Which one?  I asked me. Oh never mind, I’ll do it… Please excuse me, I’ll continue.  …

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