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July 2012

People Pleaser….please….

Well fans, friends, Romans, countrymen….it’s getting hot in here. I’m trying not to overwhelm you with daily STRESS stats…how sometimes I kick the living sheet out if, and sometimes I’m knocked down for the count and only recover in just the nick of time. But today…something new was thrown at me.  My work and rates were thrown into question.  This has actually never happened to me before in a decade …Read More

Bringing Sexy Back…A Practical Guide to rid STRESS from your life.

That title has nothing to do with why I’m blogging today.  Every time I write the word blog i have to say it out loud, and then I laugh.  Everyone say it and laugh  with me…blog. Ok.  Down to the nuts and bolts.  We left off with STRESS and Fleas…and the shadowy places that stress can hide and lure us into it’s trenches. I’ve been watching TRUE Blood…super fun little …Read More

STRESS is a lot like fleas.

Isn’t it funny how the best laid plans, the most secure rituals, the best ideas are challenged and challenged and challenged some more? Have you ever had fleas in your house?  You can take all your bedding to the laundromat, and vacuum everywhere and shampoo the crap outta your animal….and if even one of those little hellions remain then you get to do the whole ritual again and again. You …Read More

Stress FAST day One Million

It actually feels like a million days since I left stress to starve in a dark corner. It’s funny, I usually try to have so much compassion for the shadow parts, but I really feel like Stress deserves no burial, no recap of fond memories, no ritual what so ever…. My life continues to be so different since I said no to stress. My energy is finally starting to return…but …Read More

Day 4: The sweeter side…..

If the universe is using me as a tool to show the way that rapid mind shift leads to rapid reward…well…thank you universe. You may remember that my last post I confessed to a back slide where I did in fact allow stress to not only come into my life but entered it back into my bed like a cherished lover. But then I was onto it’s lying deceitful ways…and …Read More

STRESS fast Day 3: Backslide…

I made it a solid 2 days.  Solid.  Stress rolled off me like grease off a non-stick pan. And then today happened.  I drove for the first time in rush hour morning traffic.  I started to tense up and immediately did a few breathing exercises and watched the stress lift off me like mist.  Easy.  Then I listened to my favorite morning DJ play every song he knew that praised …Read More

Day 2: My life without STRESS

That’s what it is. Life. I was talking with a friend today and we were remembering something I learned in a class a few weeks ago…this very simple “algorithm.” Belief ===> Action ===> Result Let that sink in for a moment. How often do we ACTUALLY change our beliefs? Not that often I would gander. But I just bet we keep having the same Belief patterns and EXPECT the result …Read More


You know when you have one of those ephiphanies that is like nectar from the gods? The kind of insight you have had hundreds of times but it only in this particular moment made sense? So I’m in a time and space riddled with more stress than any human in the developed world whose in any level of middle class living should have. (Let’s face it…our stress is really nothing …Read More