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June 2012

What I learned whilst off the grid.

Ok, there actually is no way to put into words all I learned on my recent voyage into the deep ceder forests of Breitenbush. And if there were, I fear I lack the subtle eloquence to get it just right. But I did have a teaching that will branch into a deeper teaching…and I think it fitting to share. I met a man named Vance. And he figured out my …Read More

One Sound

I am reading this book. It’s slow going. I keep coming back to it. It’s called Our Soul’s Destiny. This author is a hypnotherapist who apparently takes people deeper than usual into a state of hypnosis and they can remember who they are when they are not in their human form…when they are just a soul. And by “just” I clearly don’t mean “just…” but…you know what I mean. Anyway…without …Read More

Slash, Burn, Start Again. Anyone?

This message keeps getting reinforced over and over and over again. Do you feel it? Are you feeling the need to purge, to let go, to try a different way? I am. Whether it’s revamping my exercise routine, cleaning out closets, reorganizing my altar space, cleaning up loose ends in relationship, or…as you can tell…scrapping my business name and website and just starting over again…clean slate… What do you think …Read More

How to Open your hearts to Venus…

It’s hard not to feel poetic on a day like today. The sky opening and rain flooding the earth, washing it all away. Much like being celestially moon bathed by the mother, hand caressing the side of your face, reassuring that all is well, all is as it should be. Today we get to literally be baked by the energies of Venus. Planet of love and poetry and creativity and …Read More

When to Push and When to Let Go.

There are two competing philosophies. And it’s confusing when to put all your energy into something for manifesting. And it’s equally confusing when to trust and let go. Which is right? The truth is that both are right. And the timing for each is up for discussion, but given my most recent brush with manifesting and letting go…I feel like I have a bit of clarity around the subject.  So …Read More

Want Amazing Relationship Advice?

I know you do….seriously…how excited for this post are you? I bet you think I’m going to tell you the secret that makes every question you’ve ever had answered with intelligence and wit and a little classy flair… Sorry. Suck on it. That is not even close to what I’m about to do. Want to know the secret? Want to know if you are on the right track? If you …Read More

What to do when you Stall

Has this happened to you? You are in a groove, a jam, a dance when everything is working and moving and the creations are becoming and the energy is so overwhelming you don’t know how to get it all done? And for the sake of conversation, let’s say you get really really close. And then, out of the blue…everything that was in motion, is suddenly at a drop dead stop…or …Read More

There is a right way to put on Toilet Paper!

Yes, this is what I’m blogging about. Yes, I’m serious. Consider this a public service announcement. I was having lunch with my dear friend Shonagh and we tripped the light fantastic through your obvious conversations like spirit, and death, and rebirth, and source of all being…you know…regular stuff…and then for some reason I started talking about how I have ZERO virgo in my chart but that I am an absolute …Read More

How to keep your dream going when the enthusiasm starts to dwindle…The next secret to having everything you ever dreamed of!

Big words..Manifest….Create…..Explore….Visualize. Big words. Big ideas.  HUGE outcomes…if you can keep up the enthusiasm! What happens in that space<strong> between</strong> being totally jazzed about your idea and getting everything ready and building all the energy and then letting your amazing intention loose into the universe to unravel at the exact right time and speed and velocity lighting up exactly when it’s supposed to…. And that moment when it’s supposed to? …Read More