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Elisha’s Family Acupuncture with Elisha Weinberg, L.Ac

Elisha’s Family Acupuncture is located at the Viking Junction and proudly serves the surrounding population of Poulsbo, Washington.  Conveniently accessible across the Kitsap County communities of Bainbridge Island, Silverdale, Bremerton and  Kingston. Elisha’s Family Acupuncture  is the only In-network practice for Kaiser Permanente in Poulsbo.  Please feel free to call our office to learn to more!

Elisha’s Family Acupuncture is now offering Neuro-Acupuncture specifically for Neurological Conditions.  To learn more click here.

Meditation: As Simple As A Breath

Meditation is as simple as a breath.

I think there’s been a lot of confusion lately about what meditation is. About the right way you have to sit. The right way you have to

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Bushwhack Expectation

Man. How many days, moments, years have been ruined by expectation?

I do it. I ‘m not ashamed to admit it. It’ s like this vine that grows inside of me….and I can cut it back but when i ‘m not paying attention that thing has grown into a monster again!

Dr. Tan, one of my teachers who has passed, once said something like “No Expectation, No Depression.”

I sat with that one for a very short while before I realized he was right as rain.

It is the earth friendly roundup I use on my inside vine when it overruns my eco system.

So why am I bringing this up today? As you may have guessed, I expected, was let down, then remembered my own advice. And within literally minutes I was feeling better again.

Want to know how I rooted out expectation? How I bushwhacked it?

It went a little something like this.

I got all bent out of shape because I expected something that didn’ t happen.

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Every year around this time I hear more and more…. “But I’ve never had allergies before!” Or, “They’ve never been this bad before.”

(This year…it was me saying it too!)

It does seem that either allergens are getting far worse, or our systems

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